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2008 Corail Rose’ wine -FIGS & GOAT Cheese too! Episode 48

By Patrick

Here is a good little wine for the summer 2008 Chateau De Roquefort Corail Rose’ is a very nice wine I think for anyone who is either stuck drinking red or white wines only. This is wine from France which you can get at The Wine Library for $14.98 and it will go well with all types of food plus having a bottle on the table that has the word Provence just puts you in a good mood. I happened to really enjoy it with figs and goat cheese- especially the Chavrie goat cheese which we taste tested in Episode 47

  • BurroBoy

    Big K, been seeing your comments on for quite some time, and always wondered,but in general, have not had time to chase down the links to other commentator’s web sites. I did it tonight, and I am glad I did…
    “If you can’t sit down and enjoy with some figs and goat cheese and rose, you might as well stop breathing…”
    Thanks for the laugh, and the ring of truth.

  • Michelle

    Hands down, this is the best of “Cooking in Chaos”…I can always fall back on this one and enjoy when there are no new shows posted.

  • admin

    Hey Michelle- did you email me your address to send the Jersey?