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2007 McManis Cabernet Sauvignon – Episode 43

By Patrick

So this is the first in these short episodes where I will be reviewing a wine- I often would cut the wine clips out of the cooking videos because they simply made the episodes too long- So I will cut them and edit them into their own little few minute episode. Other times I will just record a wine that I am drinking on its own. Anyway so the 2007 McManis Cabernet  which can be found from $8.99-$9.99 is the the first video up- though second video shot-so in my typical fashion it is all out of order- Any suggestions are welcome. I will be trying to stay mostly under $15 bottles from across the globe as most nights it is these value wines we are drinking. Also if I find my tasting notes changing or radically different as i drink the wine through out the evening I will note it here.

I will add links a little later to places to purchase the wine and the cooking videos that were be made while tring certain wines. There is a tab called “WINE REVIEWS” at the top so you can click there to see them also.

More often than not these little wine episodes will NOT be the only video in a day so if you see one go up most likely there WILL be a cooking video to follow.

  • Michelle

    Just got around to watching this one…w/7yr. old Max. First of all, that sandwich looked very wimpy compared to the breakfast sandwiches usually prepared by Kahuna.

    Because Tom Leykis is no longer available in our area radio market, I want to thank you for providing the information my young Max will need in a few years. We can only hope that Little Kahuna was listening from the sidelines.

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