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The Legend of the Heidelberger – Episode 30

By Patrick

The Heidelberger has long been revered like the albino tiger-no, not in the control of  bizare Las Vegas performers but in the legends of drunken bar trollers awoken suddenly hungover from the noises in their stomachs as they race to the bathroom praying that there is toilet paper-All the while wondering – What the hell did I eat a 3 am? and what the Hell is Satan’s Revenge(one of the first boutique hot sauces to make it to NJ nearly 20 years ago)

The Heidelberg Tavern in Passaic, NJ was a historic bar with its prohibition roots still in tact- situated across from the famed Capitol Theatrewhere the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Who, The Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, The Police, and The Beastie Boys came to play in this intimate theatre- many of these legends would end up in the Heidelberg Tavern for some drinks.

We spent so many days and nights there it was like a second home and sadly many years ago the owner sold the place and that marked the end of an era. However a few of us brave souls carry on-we raise our cholesterol in tribute to the burger crafted in the vaunted Heidelberg Tavern. On Fathers day I crafted a dozen of these beauties and barely had enough scraps left over to actually make one to get on video but here it is-Feel free to skip ahead to minute mark 4:20 in the video to get right to the burger and skip my ramblings about our home away from home.

  • TimF

    Sounds like my kind of place — hopefully very dank. Best quality in a bar.

    My wife gets pork roll for breakfast if we ever find ourselves at a diner in NJ. Stuff doesn’t look good to me…

  • zonk59


    If you keep this up, Bobbie Flay is going to be challenging you to a Mystery Meat Throw Down on the Food Channel.

    PLUS think of your effect on poor Gary V., right now he’s probably wondering how he’s ever going to top the machismo of your opening sequence to this episode of the galaxy’s most popular food and wine show.

  • NY Pete

    I remember the Capitol in Passaic … I guess that makes me old … :)

  • castello

    We used to have a heidelberg in Sunnyvale ca. It had a couple other names also. the beer hut or something. You’re bringing back great memories for me also. We used to sneak over there at break time for a little kings beer. Now I’ve got to wiki little kings, taylor ham, heidelbergs and you must know that american cheese is neither cheese nor very american. Ok it is very american, in a bad way.