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Sour Cream on Taste Test Tuesday – Episode 27

By Patrick

Sour Cream that cool refreshing drink! Well maybe not but thats how Elvis would sing it- or is that Eddie Murphy imitating Elvis- who knows- Anyway sour cream is just plain tasty it is a great topper on baked potatoes, a great base for dips, a wonderful milk alternative in mashed potatoes and a tasty treat when you are out of Ben and Jerry’s- ok that might be going a little too far. Anyway we give three brands a whirl: Breakstone, Daisy, and Friendship.

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  • Julius

    You should have stirred all the sour creams before you tasted them since they (especially the Friendship) tend to separate somewhat, or at least done a before and after stirring comparison. Otherwise, you done great.

  • admin

    J-man what is up! Didnt even think of that – when I opened them there was zero seperation in terms of the liquid on top so it did not occur to me-but a good mixing would have been the smart thing to do- now of course after they are opened there is the liquid so I stir that back in- Thanks for checking in Julius!