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How to Roast Peppers Indoors – Episode 16

By Patrick

Sometimes you want a roasted pepper or need one for a dish and you do not feel like lighting the outdoor grill to do it- This is a simple way to roast a pepper quick and easy. Sure there is a marginal chance you could burn your house down but as the wise Clark Griswald once said “Oh what the hell – it was fun anyway. ”

In this episode we roast a Poblano which is one of the most underated peppers in the pepper family- because it is a waxy dense pepper even after roastig you could peel it, stuff it and still bake it and it will retain some bite- When roasted the Pobalano combines a great marriage of sweet and mild spicy heat. After roasting I dice some if the Poblano up and use it in a crab salad-take a few sliced and put on a pult pork sanwich also-

  • TimF

    Love the pablanos. Love to smoke them too.

    I haven’t changed — you have…

  • grap_ape

    I also don’t rinse them, but mainly because I think it rinses away some of the natural sugars and juices that come out the pepper after it caramelizes under the flame. Haven’t tried this indoor technique though,I always thought the pepper might leak juices that make cleaning the stove a PITA, but looks like that didn’t happen

  • grape_ape

    oh yeah, and TimF didn’t change… he’s boring…

  • admin

    Hey Grape! I have had one pepper explosion indoors and that was do to me piercing it right when I was taking it off-but otherwise they are fine especially since you are paying attention to it unlike the grill when you can walk away for a little while

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