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How to Make Roasted Peppers – Episode 15

By Patrick

With summer here peppers will be everywhere shortly and at great prices. Roasting peppers is a great way to take advantage of the surplus, especially because you can freeze them. Why buy them in the jar or at salad bars for $7.99 for a few peppers when you can do them yourself and season them the way you want. So grab a block of cheese and settle in-

  • TimF

    I love roasted red peppers but you’re giving the jars a bum rap. They’re not bad and you get more than 1 pepper worth. I like Mancini — put them on sandwiches, quesadillas, etc…

    I think thyme and brown sugar go really well with the roasted red peppers as well.

  • Gary

    I’ll have to try this over the weekend. I rarely roast them because, well, what the hell do you do with roasted peppers? Answer: Eat the fracking cheese and bread that I keep buying.

    Classic ending to the episode….laughed my ass off……

  • admin

    I will have to chack a few brands of the roasted peppers in jars out- Lat time I had them they were very bland- don’t remember the brand- I know some pack them in Olive Oil and others in water. Also the ones I had tended to be a bit mushy with no bite left- Our local Italian Deli has some good jarred sundried tomatos and the same company does roasted peppers- I will try them.

    Tim what do you do with the thyme and brown sugar and the peppers? Do you stuff pork or chicken with it?

  • admin

    Gary- give them a whirl also if you can grab some fresh mozz. – nothing like a frsh Mozz, roasted pepper and sundried tomatoe on a great loaf of bread-I dice my sndried tomatos up just cause I hate taking a bite of a sadwich and having the whole tomatoe come sliding out.

  • Nonna

    The thing with the jarred roasted peppers is the preservative that’s in them. Gives them a kind of a metallic taste. I usually rinse them off if I have to use them (Very rarely!!) Don’t know about the ones packed in oil. No matter what–absolutely no comparison to the fresh roasted even after they’ve been frozen. In winter I do them under the broiler (when I find the peppers on the reduced rack at the supermarket) The imported peppers don’t usually have the sweetness that the local grown do.

  • TimF

    At my supermarket there are probably 20 different brands of jarred roasted red peppers coming from several countries. The one I always get (the one my mom got when I was a kid) is called Mancini. I can eat the peppers straight out of the jar and think they’re delicious — not quite as delicious as homemade but really close.

    Kahuna — the recipe for thyme and brown sugar is from a Julia Child cookbook. She did a series where she cooked with Master Chefs. Guys name is George Germon and the recipe is for silky red peppers. His recipe has you cook the red peppers, cut up in the marinade and then serve it warm as a salad. I switched it up by roasting the red peppers and then pouring the sauce over them. It’s really an amazing looking side dish.

  • admin

    Alright Tim you convinced me try them- I will give them a try

  • admin

    Gonna try to find them packed in oil- I would imagine there would be know preserv. in it then

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