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How to Butcher a Beef Tenderloin-The Burgers- Episode 26 PART 3

By Patrick

So this is it- the final episode in the Beef Tenderloin saga- “The Burgers”- just a quick finish up here with the grinding of the meats and making some burgers- a short 5 minute episode-

Categories : Cooking Videos, Meat
  • barbotus

    You convinced me. Bought myself the KitchenAid grinder attachment as a Father’s Day Gift, and picked up one each of the tenderloins on Saturday before the sale ran out. Butchered them up this morning and made burgers for lunch. OMFG, they were good.

    Interesting differences between the pieces of meat. While the US was heavier in packaging, it had a lot more waste. Or at least required a lot more work to trim up. More for the burgers I guess.

    Thanks for the vids!

  • Gary

    I will not buy the Kitchen Aid mixer…I will not buy the Kitchen Aid mixer…I will not buy the Kitchen Aid mixer…I will not buy the Kitchen Aid mixer………

    resistance is futile….

  • admin

    LOL! I shook the eight ball “It is in your future”

  • TimF

    Those burgers look really good. I hate store-ground beef — it’s awful. I won’t even buy it anymore. My wife still buys it but I won’t. I’ve probably said this before, but I love boneless short-ribs for burger (I ask the butcher for a little extra fat too). They’re like butter.

    BTW — I have an old school meat grinder with a hand crank. Forget that. I get tired just looking at the thing. I can’t live without my kitchen-aid grinder.