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Homemade Tuscan Sausage – Episode 22

By Patrick

You know the old saying you dont want to see me naked and you don’t want to watch what goes in sausage. One of those sayings is going by the waste side right now-ladies get ready the sausage is coming out! No it doesn’t have to be big to be called a sausage, some people are so shallow. Besides we are making sausage patties today anyway. So making your own sausage has a lot of benefits 1) you may not drop dead from a heart attack if you eat a lot of it 2)you can make it taste how you want 3)grinding meat is fun!

So homemade sausage is generally about half as fattening as storebought and I suggest picking up Bruce Aidells’s Complete Sausage Book it is a great book that not only provides sausage recipes but dishes to prepare them in. While I am not such of fan of the nitrates for drying sausages I think he has to push that given his position. Anyway for example his hot sausage recipe is not hot enough for me so I adjust- anyway try his recipes in 3 pound batches and you will be able to adjust for the next time.

In this episode I make sausage inspired by the Tuscany region of Italy-So it must be good. Enjoy!

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  • TimF

    So funny that you forgot the blade — I did the exact same thing when I made burgers this week.

    I usually cut the meat in chunks and put it on a sheet pan, then it goes in the freezer for 20 minutes. I make sure the fat is nearly completely frozen before grinding though. I also freeze the grinder attachment. This way you can get some really crumbly meat which makes great burgers.

  • admin

    Tim- the whole time I am thinking WTF- I knew the oil wasn’t really going to be an issue because I have made some in the past with oil added to the mixture and it was fine-Then I thougt Oh maybe just a stringy piece of meat-At least I am glad some one else did it! I do not freeze te stuff really because I have no room in my freezer to do it-and my second fridge freezer died so I really do not have the room- Everything I have read though says what you do is a great thing- colder the better

  • Snowmoonelk

    OMG You are making such a meal of this!  Keep it short and simple.  I lost the will to live 2 minutes in!