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Grilled Pizza – Four Cheese(sort of) – Episode 28

By Patrick

Here is a quick video of a grilled pizza that I made pretty quick had some left over mozzarella in the fresh both fresh and block variety and added some romano and grana to it- The quick sauce is olive oil, garlic, 1 can of tomato paste with roasted garlic, fill small paste can with water dump in and add some dried herbs- let simmer for a few minutes- A quick easy sauce that is great for pizza(you can add a second can of water if you need more sauce). The paste is so dense it can easily handle the water-

Total cook time was about 12 minutes and that was with some distractions- As usual it was raining in North Jersey during this.

  • TimF

    You chasing Paolo around reminded me of those Fruity Pebbles commercials back in the 80s which would always end with Fred chasing Barney in the background.