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Grilled Eggplant Parm Sub & More! Episode 21

By Patrick

It is hard to follow up the historic celebration that was Episode 20 and I will not even try- this is just a good back to basics classic Italian inspired dish done on the grill- This is closer to what you would expect to find in Italy though in a panini form than what we call here Eggplant Parm. So while this episode does not have that sexy raw appeal or Mott for that matter it does make you hungry! The grilled vegetables are good too!

So thanks to all who made Episode 20 a smash hit a Galactical wonder if you will. Now lets cook and eat!

  • Gary

    Two words: Holy crap! That did make me hungry….bastard. That will probably be on this weekend’s menu somewhere.

  • artie

    nice you fat bastard…those look like farmers market rolls…love them…

  • Coupe 60

    I am not a big eggplant parm kinda guy, but that looked pretty friggin awesome…

    But By far my favorite part of the entire video is little Kahuna repeatedly screaming “More Cheese”…. The apple certainly did not fall far from the tree Pat….

  • Coupe 60

    Might I also add that editing in your wine Tasting notes as you do must make it very easy for someone such as Kahuna Scores that might be maintaining a spreadsheet of such things…

  • Nonna

    Where’s ours??????

  • TimF

    Looking good. I’m going to try that endive salad but will probably chop the stuff up and toss together. You ever do that with it?

  • admin

    I have not done that but sounds good-then could re season the whole thing.

  • admin

    Coupe it out really good and it was not too long ago that grilled eggplant didnt really do it for me- then i realized it was because they were not being seasoned enough- a good dose of salt and pepper and now when I make them normally I brsh the eggplant with balsomic vinegar first-

  • admin

    LOL-Artie those rolls rule and you got it right!

  • Anonymous