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Flank Steak and Corn Salad(Salsa) – Episode 18

By Patrick

So this episode was done on Memorial Day and I was shot by time I got to cooking- Opening the pool-taking the cover off-dealing with broken parts, cleaning the smoker-YUK, and cleaning the grill with some good hardcore disinfectants. Anyway this is a relaxed video cooking a flank steak, making a corn salad or salsa if you will and some grilled asparagus. Beer was cold and the beverage of choice on this day.

Let me know if you think I should break these videos down in the future and do the flank steak as one episode and the corn salad as another. Enjoy the mellow episode. Yes I know I left a “T” off of Jimmy Buffett’s name- Sorry Jmmy I know you are a big fan of the show!

  • Gary

    That corn salad looks awesome. You’re going have to have to start rating these episodes…I had no idea there would be nudity!

  • TimF

    I’m going to try that corn salad. I do like flank steak but I’ve been enjoying skirt steak even more lately. Also, when you have a recipe that has a bunch of ingredients like the corn salad, it would be helpful if you could write them in your description of the episode.

  • admin

    Hey Tim – I will be working on some sort of recipe to post along- probably do as you suggest and just start with an ingredient list forst-thanks