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Everyday Olive Oil Taste Test – Episode 23

By Patrick

Everyone loves using Olive Oil and in this episode I taste test 5 different Extra Virgin Olive Oils all found in the local supermarket-I believe all are national brands. These are all value Olive Oils that are priced to use everyday. Olive Oil is great to use as a raw product being drizzled over finished products which produces the healthiest benefit from it. You can also use it to fry foods though not deep frying as it has a lower flash point.

Go ahead and try a few every day olive oils then once you find a brand you are happy start exploring the great varieties available in the speciality shops. These oils are amazing and often from single lots of trees on a specific plot of land. You can get some that are so spicy you would swear hot pepper had to be added to it and others you would think had been infused with citrus rinds. Much like a good Balsamic vinegar these are special oils used to top special meals(really that means just for you when no one else is around!).

Go ahead and rub some olive oil on your skin it has to be better than white creamy crap moisturizer they sell in tubes and even if that doesn’t make your skin glow at least you know there is a good shot of attracting your special someone into the bedroom.

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  • Lvadgal/Suzanne Vara

    Oh my goodness. This is absolutely fantastic. I love it Patrick! Good to “see” you – been a while. I had no idea that you were doing this. Keep up the good work and I will be watching.

    Totally awesome!

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

    I am so happy dude, this is great!

  • zonk59


    I have just found your shows… following a kink for that Gary person (but hope you don’t hold that against me).

    I’m enjoying then very much. Your making me think about going into the kitchen and doing some cooking… that would make my wife very surprised, and very happy!!!

  • admin

    Thanks Gary! I apreciate it very much-

  • admin

    Hey Suzanne, thanks for commenting and watching- I better watch what I say on here since you can make fun of me going all the way back to grade school! Hope to see you when you get back out this way.

  • Kell B

    Good idea for a show — olive oils vary a lot, and “supermarket” brands are great for those times when a fussy olive oil is just too much. (I had a bottle from the St. Helena Olive Oil Co., and it was great on it’s own with bread or on a salad, but far too fruity and overpowering for any kind of sauce or cooking where it had to play well with other ingredients. (There’s also an important difference between EVOO and “light” olive oil. EVOO is designed to be used more like butter as a flavoring, or in sauteing where you want some olive to come through. Light olive oil is almost flavorless, and works in cooking almost like a canola or safflower oil would (although with a richer texture.)

  • Kell B

    ((Could I use) (honestly) ) any more parenthases???)?)

  • admin

    Hey Kell- Thanks for checking it out and thanks for ading in all the great information- Napa/Sonoma are really making some great Olive Oils and it is time for them to get some big promotions as nationally I think they just do not get enough attention.

  • http://Kahunas zia ginas

    Hey Pat,

    I finally got to watch this episode. I also ate a black olive (didn’t eat it,spit it out) right from the tree. It was the most bitter thing I ever had. The roasted peppers having the sour taste is the way I feel. I had to stop buying them and do my own. You do give me some good laughs. Keep it up.

    Luv ya, Aunt Gina

  • castello

    My olive oil has to go in the fridge or it will go bad by the time I eat it. Then when I need it it’s like an iceburg I have to thaw out in the sink under hot water. I must eat it faster obviously, and cook more. I’ve got some Sonoma olive oil I’ve been saving from a winery up there. They said it was just pressed that day, March 7th 2009. Now I’ve let it get old. I’ll break it out in the morning and do a smelly sniff.