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Crab Salad – Seviche Style – Episode 17

By Patrick

Crab is the King in my book and I would choose King Crab and Dungeness Crab over Lobster 99% of the time. Dungeness Crab is my favorite and I fell in love with it on a few trips to Seattle. I order my King Crab from a company in Alaska called Great Alaska Seafood  get on their email list as they will do specials on broken legs which you get at a huge discount. They  also sell some of the best Salmon I have come across and the Halibut Cheeks rock also. So what does this have to do with this episode- Absolutely nothing.

This episode uses lump crab meat from a can – it is a cleaned and pasteurized and you keep it in the fridge- Try a few brands to seewhich one suits your tastes and then alsways keep on hand for crab salad, crab caked, crab ravioli, crab with pasta and crab cocktail.

Categories : Cooking Videos, Seafood
  • Chuck Norris

    How is Seviche different from Ceviche? :)

  • TimF

    What brand of crab do you use? I’ve never had canned crab meat before.

  • admin

    Millers Select is my favorite by far- a little more expensive but really good- I have gotten Phillips brand and really liked it also. I did not like the starkist- The ones I use are the kind that need to be kept cold so they should be in the fish section. The brand I used in the episode I forgot the name- I will find it though- very good also. Also the lump meat is the sweeter cleaner tasting in the can while the claw meat tends to be much stronger flavored- What is odd is that when eating whole crabs and lobsters for that matter I like the claws better.

  • admin

    probably in the spelling-LOL. I really do not know which way is proper- since it was not a true Ceviche I will go with Seviche-