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By Patrick

Wow- 20 huge episodes!!! We got picked up for our second season-In the monumental 20th episode we have some fun with our friend Gary VaynerchuCk and Wine Library TV! Since I am a long time Vayniac I figured what better way to crown this amazing 20th Episode but to pay honor to my friends at the WLtv and the WLtv Forum!

Remeber to Tweet, Digg, reTweet, Stumblr,email,friendfeed, facebook pass along the VHS tape-whatever it takes!

The Countdown begins- T minus ”0″( is it minutes or hours or days-these countdowns are exciting!) Enjoy!


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  • Coupe 60

    That was a great episode ….I laughed out loud like 5 times…

    As for your email, i think you need an auto-reply telling everyone to just twitter you…

    When is the 1st Kahuna cruise

  • Robb Ameye

    Pat, This is a plethera of very usefull information. Very impressive! Times have changed since the day of Linguine and progresso alfredo sauce.

  • Coupe 60

    I forgot to type it before but 1st and now 3rd

  • admin

    Rob that was good stuff-fed us for a summer! I needed to carbo-load to be a finely tuned life saving water park “lifeguard”

  • thedumbphase

    Monumental 20th episode. I would have liked to see you taste the deuce, bread, motz & pepper combo you mentioned. In other news, I found actual video footage of KittySafe (here called Stuart)-

    Notice the similarity in hairstyle.

  • Suzanne

    Wow! Great episode! Congratulations on your 20th!!!

    I LOVE lots of char on my peppers and prefer roasting my own when I can. But I’m going to check out the Boticellis to keep on hand.

    (I think you meant scrubbie……a scrunchie is that thing we put our hair into ponytails with)

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    Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  • Lori

    Great show..this was my first viewing.. Just wondering if you ever taste tested salsa and a sangria.. my favorites are amazingly Carlo Rossi Sangria and the fontana medium heat in the blue jar for the salsa.. looking forward to a review on that..

  • admin

    Hi Suzanne- None of them in the jar compared to a home roasted but like I said with a little doctoring up they will get the job done- that acidic taste is what takes getting used to

  • admin

    Dumbphase that is classic LMAO!

  • admin

    whats happening Lori! I found an old picture of us from HS- damn if I could find it again- I will look!
    Have done salsa’s in the taste test videos and made a few- I am going to do another episode of Salsa so I will try that with the Carlo Rossi- Does Carlo still have the handle built into the jug? We used to drink the Paizanno?

  • SacramentoCharlie

    Great show. I watched almost half….looking forward to the next 20….and the first 19.

  • TimF

    Worst episode ever! You’re going too Hollywood.

  • Mott

    Hey does this dive have a forum? I have some photoshopped pictures I want to post.

  • Mott

    Here’s a tip ya noob, activate the Akismet spam plugin and check “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” and “A comment is held for moderation” in WordPress because I’m sure Mr. How to Make Thousands of Dollars Posting Links on Google is really a legit commenter.

  • Mott

    Set the time will you.

  • Mott

    Everything is better with a Kahuna head on it.

  • Mott

    Your aspect ratio is off or are you really that long?

  • Mott

    Wow, this is liberating.

  • admin

    The aspect ratio makes me look thinner- plus I only have to encode it once! If I only new someone who was good at this stuff! LOL Mott rules

  • Mott

    Does Obama watch this show?

  • admin

    Yes as the Galaxies most popular food and wine show he surely tunes in daily!

  • late-start

    what no QOTD???

  • Cabdrinker

    Why does Mott care how long you are? NTTAWWT

  • luvgrapesqueezings

    Congrats on reaching twenty episodes Pat!!!! BTW- Maybe flank steak has been more expensive over the last couple of years because there are more health conscience people buying more of it.

  • grape_ape

    hey Mott, what’s up with the forums?!? Guess we have to hang out here now…Kahuna, time to install a forum!

  • Ivan

    KAHUNA: Shame on you… no “smelly smell” before tasting the peppers. Haven’t you learned anything by now.

    Congrats on the big 20.

  • TimF

    When are the Kahunasfoodandwine forums coming online?

  • Coupe 60

    Hmmm…Mott offers helpful suggestions…then WLTV goes down… I want to see the cameraman for the upcoming episodes….

  • admin

    Hey Luvgrapes- These damn health nuts ruin everything!

  • Brooklyn Paul

    what is going on?

  • AnthonyS

    I hope you don’t mind but I’ve started a spreadsheet to keep track of all your episodes. I have also coined the term Kahunaholics.

  • AnthonyS

    By the way, I’m curious to know what my Facebook post was. Something about Bejeweled Blitz I’m guessing.

  • joe g

    great stuff K!!! really enjoy the shows

    nice stuart reset dunbphase!!

  • admin

    Thanks Joe G – can not wait to do some cooking with you-in a kitchen sort of way! Joe G rocks it out cooking-

  • Kittysafe

    Consider linking up “Mott-style” URLS for the foods and wines you taste on the show, would be fantastic.

  • NY Pete

    holy crap … check out the Mottster serial posting.

  • Rich S

    Hey K man,

    I am finally catching up with some of these videos. Man, you have been putting out a lot of content! Lol. Anwyay, keep it up man because they are very informative. I am watching them out of order but the tomatillo recipe was great.