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Cheesesteaks From Left over Flank Steak – Episode 19

By Patrick

So left over grilled meats are here again- we have made tacos, burritos, quesadillas but use your beef for good not evil- Make a CHEESESTEAK sandwich- In this video we take the left over flank steak from Episode 18 and turn it into a great sandwich- We add butter and cheese to steak- Nuff said!

This is shot mostly handheld cause I was up against a time limit and had to move fast-So take your Dramamine, strap in and unbutton the pants- We have waist line expansion in 3…2….1….FATOFF!

  • Nonna

    Leftover?? Ha!! You went to the leftover store!!

  • TimF

    Fries on a sandwich? Are you from Pittsburgh for crying out loud?