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Salami Rolls – Episode 6

By Patrick

As long as I can remember we have been eating these salami rolls. My Mothers side of the family is where they started and now the we all make them. For some reason some come out better than others, basically it is dough that you wrap around a piece of salami(not sausage as I will say over and over). I like to add cheese and this time I put some cherry pepper slices marinated in olive in. Anyway these are really easy to make and great because you can have them around to munch on. They are best right out of the oven, however when you want one late a few quick seconds in the microwave gets them good and warm again. So use the Pizza Dough recipe and make these you will like them.

Had a great 2006 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Côtes du Rhône Mon Coeur which I spell wrong in the video-oops

  • Kevin

    Great show! I must say that looks really, really, really good. Pigs in a blanket come to mind. Will be trying this out myself, no doubt.

    Gary V. I’m sure after taxes will bring in a few million, it’s 10 books. So roughly 1,000 pages to write himself over x amount of time. He’s going to bank it heavy. Goes to show, do what you love and you can monetize it. Passion is money.

  • admin

    Let me know how they come out, I am sure you will love them. No doubt Gary V will do great he really is doing an amazing job, can not wait to see where this all goes for him.

  • LuvsChandon (WL)

    Finally clicked on the link from your WL profile, nice site for someone’s whose already made your Grilled Pizza!

    I love salami (the Italian cured meat) and will have to give this a try, with some good provolone or mozz. Love lil’ Kahuna interjecting his thoughts while munching away. Classic.

  • admin

    Thanks for checking it out- Yeah the Little guy has a lot to say for sure! Hopefully will get some more grilled pizzas up soon.

  • Kevin

    Well, I tried it. Very good, but I changed it up a bit. Instead of making my own bread doe, I used biscuit doe (premade). Good stuff!

  • Connie Carano Santucci


    Grandma Filomena (“Gunga”)would be sooo proud of you!!! Keep up the good work cousin!!!!

  • Nonna

    Good show Patrick-(and Paolo bello)-Actually Grandma did make sausage rolls as well, with the homemade jarred sausage. Ummm good! She also made them with the Romano cheese or whatever she had around. Naturally , I love them all.

  • admin

    Thanks! just lucky it wouldnt take much to make her proud!lol