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How to make Meatballs – Episode 13

By Patrick

Everyone loves a meatball and in this episode we make some starting with some prok, veal and beef which gets grinded up. Everyone has a basic meatball recipe that has been handed down or passed along. The problem is that the recipe never produces a meatball that tastes like the meatball the recipe giver made. Some people fry their meatballs, some bake them and some just throw them in the sauce raw- Whatever method you choose the key is good meat-That is why they call it a meatball and not a really good breadcrumb ball. I fry my meatballs first cause thats the way I like them and the drippings(ok, FAT) I add to the sauce- the sauce will be in a follow up episode-

Categories : Cooking Videos, Meat
  • Scott

    Good Stuff Big K. Cant wait for your next dinner.

  • admin

    You are just being nice so I make that sausage stuffed pork dish- wait that sounded weird- nevermind

  • Cabdrinker (Don)

    Can you make these and ship them to me?…. Can’t wait to see the sauce episode.

  • subdaimon

    I am making these this weekend, can’t wait to try them and like Don can’t wait for the sauce recipe.

    Good Stuff Pat!

  • TimF

    Looks like eating raw pork runs in the family!

  • admin

    LOL- the sauce video needs a little special editing, lets just say I am doing it for everyones benefit.

  • subdaimon

    Only my third time making meatballs and I had the chance to make these tonight, great and simple recipe, came out awesome! It is all about good quality meat.

    Thx Pat

  • ErieWineGuy

    Very nice show! Just starting to get in here and watch.

    I saw that Castello from WineLibraryTv watched your show, so I started to watch also.

    My mom just told me her recipe for meatballs(and of course, my mother makes the best meatballs on the planet). I think it's about the same as yours, so this is a good confirmation on making good meatballs!

    Looking forward to watching all your shows. How about that one with a double egg and cheese w/chili on a bun! Great stuff. Thanks so much.


    Thanks for checking the site out – I appreciate it and that Castello is the best! I know what you mean there is something about Moms meatballs that always taste different- I hope you enjoy some of the episodes- Thanks Pat

  • ErieWineGuy

    Hey! Thanks for getting back to me!

    I'm liking all the episodes. I'm just starting to have some time for myself and my hobbies of cooking and wine.

    It's great to see younger guys so interested in preserving family recipes; interested in cooking, wine.

    We've got to get EVERYONE interested in your shows. I'm going to try my best.


    Thanks Erie – I really want to make sure I get more family recipes done this year- Mom just made her first showing so hopefully more of that to come


    Thanks Erie – I really want to make sure I get more family recipes done this year- Mom just made her first showing so hopefully more of that to come

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