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BBQ Sauce Taste Off- Kraft, Emeril & Makers Mark-Episode 8

By Patrick

Different size video player-Better? Worse?

So again with the upcoming summer months ahead BBQ and the smoke will be taking even more of an active role, much to the chagrin of bovines and swine everywhere. Sometimes you just need to grab the BBQ sauce from the bottle so I figured might as well taste test a few around the house. The Emeril Lagasse BamBBQ sauce had a nice rich flavor that was not sweet in the traditional sense, had some nice smokiness and not a bad sauce at all. The smokiness was not pungent. The Kraft Honey was decent enough but had that artificial sweetness to it that may be offputting to some and also honey was pretty low on the ingrediant list- Both products are Hi Fructose Corn Syrup based which means YUCK YUCK and more YUCK.

The Makers Mark tastes more like a BBQ sauce you would make at home and the ingrediant list was pretty natural and had some unexpected surprises. I know there are a ton of boutique( can you use that word with BBQ sauce) brands out there that bring the real thing and eventually we will try those too. These 3 are commonly found and weel in my fridge so they kick it off.

BBQ sauce in itself can raise an argument among BBQ enthusiasts- many feel a properly BBQ’d beast dont need no damn sauce and others say it aint BBQ without the sauce.

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  • Kevin

    Video size is great (wide screen). Nice episode!

    I personally like KC Masterpiece (original) – great on ribs.

  • admin

    Will give it a whirl def going to do some more

  • Whiskey River

    I think I want to put that Maker’s Mark sauce up against the Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce.

  • admin

    Will def do an episode of a few of the bourbon sauces together- Thanks

  • castello

    Mixem up. Often when trying a couple different red wines, we will end up mixing them for better balance.