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Balsamic Vinegar-The Good stuff- Episode 12

By Patrick

Balsamic vinegar is one of the truly great products available and we are not talking about the thin colored water $3 a quart type- Balsamic is a thick syrupy aged vinegar that is sweet, brooding , dark and wait… am I writing a MWM looking for an discrete relation ship ad or talking about vinegar(sorry if you do not know what MWM is use google)-

Anyway once you taste the culinary treasure that a beautiful Balsamic of Modina can bring well you might put it up there with dare I say-BACON! Yes big words but this stuff is that good! Heck ladies want to get your man excited forget the lingerie and whip cream and grab yourself a block of Parmigiana Reggiano some good Balsamic and head to the bedroom- OH yeah get ready for the good times! So after 3 minutes at least you know the cheese and balsamic wont disappoint! Besides he will be asleep already and you will get all the good stuff!

Categories : Taste Test Videos
  • TimF

    It was fun to watch you gorge yourself on cheese and vinegar…

    So when I walk into my gourmet shop tomorrow, do I just buy the most expensive one they’ve got?

  • admin

    They should have some open for you to try- but if not see if they have a suggestion. Gary really needs to get up and running- Yeah price and quality seem to go hand and hand

  • castello

    some wine goes good with ice cream. I’d like to try the cherry-balsamic on some.