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Mayonaise Taste Off! Episode 5

By Patrick

Mayonoise rules! So whats not to like about it -Mayonaise may be the perfect food group, oil, eggs(and not that sissy health food white part-get rid of that), lemon, vinegar and salt. It has everything, I mean if you had to be stranded on an island take a jar of Mayo besides tasting great you can rub it on your skin to stay moisterized, use it as a suntan lotion, hair conditioner or grab a handful for those lonely nights!

Whatever you want to do with it Mayo delivers the goods- Great on burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads of all types and best of all it holds the crab together in a crab cake. So I run Hellmans against its only known competitors Kraft and Miracle Whip(also by Kraft) and see what happens. Ok so it is a mismatch I know but there always is a chance to be surprised.

As a special little tip cut some milk out of your mashed potatoes and use Hellmans Mayo-It is my dirty little secret and everyone loves it- Now you can to.

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  • Kev

    Great show, very interesting. I have always wondered what “Miracle Whip” tastes like.

    Good food = good life, cheers!

  • admin

    Very unusual taste for sure. Going to make some roasted garlic Mayo soon, I will get the video up when I make it

  • Von Douchestein

    who’s Tim F?

    and I never knew hen houses were so interesting!!

  • Von Douchestein

    btw…..did you say “The Brad Pitt cock”? (enter shock emoticon)


  • admin

    That was cock in the rooster sense-LOL

  • Von Douchestein

    do u know who I am?

  • admin

    Yes, Bobby Flay I know you by your IP address! and the stupid spreadsheet you keep.

  • LuvsChandon

    Another fun episode! I’ve actually enjoyed mayo and fries together myself, but always paired with a Pale Ale. I grew up with Hellman’s sister, Best Foods, but I’ve stuck with Saffola mayo since the first time I tried it.

  • grilljockey


    You gotta try my favorite mayo variation…frackin’ incredible on fries:

    -Roast one head of garlic (cut top off, drizzle with Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper, wrap in foil, 350 for 35 minutes or so–until the pulp is soft)
    -When garlic cools a bit, mix the pulp of the roasted garlic in about 1/2 cup of mayo
    -Squeeze in about 1/2 of a lemon
    -Salt and pepper to taste
    -Let sit in the fridge for about an hour or so

    Guaranteed to knock your socks off. I drink this shit.

  • admin

    Sounds awesome- look for the home made mayo episode soon- I remember your post from the forum and added the roasted garlic into a home made version-

  • Gene

    CSM Riesling and mayo–interesting combo.

    Fries and Mayo are a total knockout–especially real Belgian-style fries.

    Have you tried your hand at making your own mayo? You can’t beat Mayo made with fresh eggs fresh lemon or your favorite vinegar. My only problem is I am incapable of making (OK, mostly unwilling to make) any food the same way twice. On demand mayo also solves the problem of what to do with the dregs in the bottom of the jar hiding in the back of the fridge since the dawn of creation.

  • admin

    Gene, Thanks for commenting and I have a home made mayo episode taped with some roasted garlic mixed in thanks to our Vayniac Grilljockey- I hope to one day get to Belgium to enjoy those fries and mayo but perhaps I will wash it down with a beer!

  • admin

    Grill- hope to have the episode up next week! Thanks

  • TimF

    I’m not even going to watch this. There should be a Constitutional amendment banning mayo.

  • admin

    I do give you a shout out during the episode

  • Sandy P

    Just found your site and am having fun watching your videos, but I had to comment on the Mayo taste-off. I too am a Hellman’s/Best Foods fan. I think most anything with “Kraft” on the label is gross! Their cheese is a lot like their mayo – it’s ok, but it just kind of blends instead of adding anything. But I can do Miracle Whip on certain things – like in potato salad -as long as it has sweet pickle. If you use dill pickle in your potato salad it has to be mayo! Roast Beef sandwich with MW is ok, but where MW really beats Mayo is on a tomato sandwich! Mayo doesn’t work like MW on a REAL tomato sandwich: 2 slices of cheap white bread, miracle whip, sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper, a sprinkle of sugar (optional) and a leaf of iceberg lettuce (optional). It’s a summertime favorite! But, like you say, I was raised on it…I know people who won’t eat mayo, as they’re so Miracle Whipped. They obviously have no taste! Thanks for a fun taste test.