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Make your own salsa!

By Patrick

Making salsa is fast and easy. With summer coming, fresh ingredients from your garden and an overflow at the markets making your own salsa is a must. In this clip a fresh salsa is made in a few minutes and assuming you do not chop a finger off while making it, you will be thrilled with the results. Just remember to always check your ingrediants for heat, sweetness or potency. When using hot peppers remember to always and I mean always wash your hands afterwords. And no, pouring milk over your special burning areas will not make the burn go away. However it does feel nice regardless. So on to the salsa making.

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  • Gary


    Watched this Friday morning, and decided to grill Friday night, make a fresh salsa, and use leftovers for lunch today (Saturday). Was awesome. Thanks for the idea. Love the vids…keep ‘em coming.

    Mom ;)

  • admin

    LOL! Thanks- can always count on Mom!