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Let’s make some pizza dough!

By Patrick

One of my favorite things to eat and make is grilled pizza and it seems most people who want to make their own really find making the dough to be the part that holds them back. Making pizza dough is easy, however making good pizza dough requires a little more work. They key to a good dough is in the kneading of it so do not skimp on that step.

Have fun watching me stammer around trying to use the Kitchen Aid from reverse a first for me. Also if you do not have a Kitchen Aid mixer a food processor will work or you can just throw everything in a bowl and do it by hand.

This is a one shot video so I prepare everything real time(including a riveting minute or so where I leave the camera all together) and stop for a wine break and still it all wraps up in less than 15 minutes.

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  • Mr WordPress

    What a great video! Ok it is just me testing the comments.

  • Von Douchestein

    what is gong on?

    “throw the yeast packet on the ground….that’s a good way to get rid of it!” :)

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  • fabric labels

    I saw that kitchen aid mixer from a local Italian chef. I'd like to get one too.



    The kitchen aid is well worth having


    The kitchen aid is well worth having

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