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Grilled Veggie Pizza

By Patrick

Making grilled pizza is very easy and makes a great addition to summer BBQ standards. Most people assume the dough will fall through the grates and make a mess. In this video you will see that is not the case and just how easy it is to make.  Here is the link for the video to make your own pizza dough. Why grill a pizza at all? Well the best reason is simply the taste, the grill adds an extra layer of flavor to the pizza. While most people bake their pizza in the home oven around 375 the grill can get hotter than 500 degrees which helps create that great crispy crust. Another layer of flavor comes from grilling both sides of the pizza dough before toppings are applied. So enjoy the video the sound quality is not great as we had a very windy day when I filmed it and as usual tha airplanes were flying overhead. Any questions or comments please use the “comments” feature and I will answer them

  • Kev

    “More cheese!!!”

    Haha! Excellent pizza, need to try this myself. Never really thought to do pizza on the grill.

  • admin

    Give it a whirl I think you will like them for sure-Makes a great tasting pizza. The little guy loves his cheese- Happy to answer any questions when you are ready to try it

  • Von Douchestein

    what is going on?

    “throw the yeast package on the floor…’s a good way to get rid of it!” :)

  • Jaye

    Patrick, you are a natural! I so enjoyed this, and I’m going to make a point of watching all of your episodes very soon!

  • admin

    Thanks Jaye! Basilicos was a good time – Great to see everyone again- Hopefully the sickening effects of my shirtless sauce making story has passed!

  • TimF

    I made grilled pizza again tonight. Topped it with some sauteed fresh spinach and garlic and mozz. Made a big mistake though — forgot to flip before putting on toppings! So dumb.

  • admin

    I have done that before also- Fortunately my grill has enough room and it allows me to move the pizza to the side and still keep three burners lit and then I just baked it to finish-